YES Agenda 2016-2017

We have recently completed the “YES Agenda 2010-2015” calling for young entrepreneurs’ action towards four strategic objectives (detailed on the right):

  1. Access to Capital
  2. Access to Market / Realize the Single European Market for young entrepreneurs
  3. Entrepreneurial culture / Improving the educational system towards boosting creativity
  4. Overcoming legal barriers, like bankruptcy legislation

Fast changing scenarios have led us to focus on a shorter term “YES Agenda 2016-2017”. The key areas of analysis are European and global challenges that impact young entrepreneurs and their enterprises.

More in detail, we have launched and are supporting:

  • #scaleupeurope effort to focus the debate around growth;
  • a EU-US joint effort to create awareness around #TTIP and its impact on young entrepreneurs;
  • various local activities to promote the creation and further development of Startup Manifestos across Europe;
  • increased mobility via the establishment of entrepreneurs’ visa programs;
  • a focus on the #EUReferendum to be held in the UK in June 2016.