Support us in 2017!

Join us as a YES Friend or sponsor as a YES Corporate supporter!

2016 has been a intense year and we are satisfied with the activities we have been able to carry out and the results achieved. However, we feel with your support we can do more in 2017! Hence we have launched the YES supporters campaign open to citizens as well as enterprises.

Our supporters share our Yes for Europe vision and believe together we are a driving force ensuring young entrepreneurs lead the economic, industrial and social renaissance of a new, resilient, digitized and integrated Europe!

Yes Friends

Without losing our identity of being a Confederation, we are now welcoming Yes Friends from all over Europe and abroad. A Yes Friend is a young entrepreneur, an entrepreneur, a citizen, willing to join our community, access our network and attend Yes flagship events at the same conditions as young entrepreneurs belonging to our members.

For a flat rate of €99,00 per year, but obviously feel free to round up your donation, you will receive:

  1. Individual personalized letter sent via physical mail including our “YES” pin;
  2. Publication of name and link to you Linkedin profile and Twitter account on the YES Friends page;
  3. @YesforEurope tweet thanking the new YES Friend.

Yes Corporate Supporters

While we value the contribution of our main sponsors (sponsorship packages available upon request), which make it possible for us to organize events, activities and projects and support us in kind as well as with money, we also welcome Yes Corporate Supporters. A Yes Corporate Supporter is an enterprise or organization willing to support our activities and associate its brand image with a young, dynamic and independent community of active European citizens and entrepreneurs.

For a minimum rate of €1.000,00 per year, you will receive:

  1. Individual personalized certificate of appreciation sent via physical mail including our “YES” pin;
  2. Publication of company name, logo, brief description on the YES Corporate Supporters page
  3. Access via username to a page where to personalize data published on YES website
  4. @YesforEurope tweet thanking the new YES Friend.
  5. Opportuniy to publish up to 2 sponsored blog posts relevant for young entrepreneurs growth and development. Posts will be supported by appropriate social media campaign.


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