European Startup Monitor 2016 published!


We are pleased to share more information in relation to the recently released European Startup Monitor (ESM) 2016. Once again Yes for Europe has been a network partner for the initiative and we look forward to continue cooperation with German Startups Association and European Startup Network on this relevant research!


The second European Startup Monitor (ESM) has been published on the 22nd of November by the German Startups Association (GSA) and the European Startup Network (ESN). The ESM presents data from 28 EU Member countries and other relevant countries and represents over 2,500 startups, more than 6,300 founders and more than 23,700 employees. The data was gathered through an online survey sent to founders and c-level employees of startups via more than 90 network partners.

ESM founders are on average 29.9 years old, predominantly male (85.2%) and are most likely (79%) to hold the same citizenship of the country where they found their venture. The biggest current challenges for ESM startups are sales and customer acquisitions, product development, and revenue growth. To overcome these challenges, a growing number of startups (almost 8 out of 10) are planning (further) internationalisation within the next 12 months. In addition, almost three out of four ESM startups participate in cooperative activities with established companies. Most ESM startups (79.8%) aim to gain access to customers and markets when cooperating with established companies.

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Facts from the 2nd ESM

  • The ESM startups are on average 2.4 yeary old
  • Founding ventures as part of the digital economy is again highly attractive
  • 77.7% of the ESM startups are planning (further) internationalisation
  • The share of female founders of ESM startups is 14.8%
  • The ESM startups employ on average 12.0 employees (incl. founders) and are planning to hire another 5.8 new employees in the near future
  • The ESM startups have already raised around € 2 billion in external capital and plan to raise additional € 2.7 billion in external capital in the following 12 months
  • More than 90% of ESM startups rate their present business situation as good or satisfying
  • The biggest challenges that ESM startups are facing include sales and/or customer acquisition, product development and growth

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Note: The European Startup Monitor is sponsored by KPMG AG and Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG. Initiated by the German Startups Association & the European Startup Network.

Contact: Lisa Steigertahl; Co-CEO European Startup Network;