#EYEC7  – checked!


More than 50 participants from 11 countries traveled more than 15 000 kilometers altogether to visit 5 locations in Stockholm during the 7th European Youth Entrepreneurship Conference that took place on the 18-20th of May in Sweden. Stockholm is one of the major hub of tech startups in Europe that has produced several of Europe’s biggest digital companies.


The conference started with a study visit to Spotify – one of the most popular music streaming service established and based in Stockholm, where the participants could see the office and listen to interesting presentation about the way of working inside the company.


DSC_0701 - Kopia


Then we all moved to the headquarters of Foretagarna – Swedish federation of business owners and the Swedish member of YES for Europe – our fantastic host in Sweden. Young Entrepreneurs could listen to opening remarks from Patrik Nilsson and Mathias Mellgren who represented the host organization. Przemyslaw Grzywa, 2017 YES for Europe President, gave a speech which was related to current YES activities and future plans connected to EU projects such as World in Words, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and project GOAL as well as Rome Manifesto.




– We have grown since the first conference in Athens 3 years ago bringing new countries on board like Germany and France. We are also a partner for European Commission, especially DG GROWTH where we represent young entrepreneurs at SME Envoys – he said.

Przemyslaw also strongly highlighted the importance of regular YES member meetings and how beneficial they are both for hosting organizations and participants themselves.




– One of the major role of YES is helping young entrepreneurs connect internationally and find reliable and trusted contacts. Building relationships takes time and you have to understand that you need to invest yourself if you want to build successful international network. I strongly believe that YES meetings are a perfect way to do that – Przemyslaw added.

The event was supplemented by key note speeches about Swedish startup ecosystem, doing business with/in Sweden and making a business more profitable.



Last day of the conference focused on YES for Europe executive committee meeting as well as a panel session, moderated by former YES President Luca Donelli, on Rome Manifesto and it’s role in shaping the future of Europe. The discussion was attended by Bettina Vestring, Managing Director at United Europe, Matteo Scotto from German-Italian Centre for European Excellence Villa Vigoni and Dimitris Tsigos from YES for Europe.

The manifesto propose a European Federal Union that can effectively address challenges that are beyond the scope of individual nations: defence for instance, but also safeguarding the single market and the common currency. The project was organised by the German-Italian Centre for European Excellence Villa Vigoni and the non-profit association United Europe, a pro-European initiative headquartered in Hamburg. The document was presented at the Residence of the German Ambassador in Rome as part of the official celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the signing of Treaty of Rome.





During the YES Executive Committee meeting which took place on the second day of the conference organization members get more acquainted with Limerick Institute of Technology –  Irish Young Entrepreneurs organization activities. The aim of the assembly was also to summarize first quarter and plan activities for the rest of the year. One of the most important point in the upcoming month is another EYEC meeting which will wake place on November 30th – December 1st in Madrid, Spain.


– YES for Europe intends to provide stimuli and framework useful to promote a positive and constructive debate around EU and our enterprises. #EYEC7 managed to reach this goal via visits to scaleups, discussion initiated by content of #RomeManifesto, warm hospitality, strong networking all done with a lively mood – said Luca Donelli, YES for Europe President in 2016.




This edition of EYEC was an opportunity to study Stockholm startup ecosystem, network with young entrepreneurs from across Europe and follow-up and update the work done around the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe. Hope to see you there soon at the next #EYEC8!




What do you think of #EYEC7?


“Meet new entrepreneurs and discover new possibilities. This is the incredible value of YES.” Antonio Capaldo (Italy), co-founder, TrenDevice.


“Expand the network. Learn from other companies and Entrepreneur. Learn from different economic countries.” Tobias Gölz (Germany), CEO, gnature.


“EYEC7: country to country discovering and sharing business opportunity in a young and challenging atmosphere.” Debora Gareto (Italy), CEO, Portalupi Salami.


“I enjoyed seeing the supportive start-up culture in Stockholm/Sweden. It was inspiring to meet delegates from across Europe, and exciting to see how we can support one another.” Meenal Odedra (UK), Freelancer, IoD99 Member.  


“We do not need to learn to be Europeans, we just need to recognize that we already are.” Sign the #RomeManifesto and #ScaleUpEurope”, Benjamin Knöfler (Germany/United Arab Emirates), KCI Limited.  


“Touch and breath the real EU; the one made by persons, where cultures,dreams and opportunities are connected to build up the future we wants.” Giovanni Bersaglio (Italy), Owner, Berkem


“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. Our privilege and honour is YES. Representative & Responsible.” Filippo Sotovia (Italy).


“Besides the official very interesting program the informal conversations were very helpful. I got various inspirations for my daily business.” Beatrice Brenner (Germany), BVMW.


“Participating to the 7th European Youth Entrepreneurship Conference in Stockholm, amazingly organized by Företagarna and under the YES for Europe umbrella, has been truly eye-opening in the sense of providing solid evidence that Europe can be extremely successful in developing thriving entrepreneurship ecosystems, generating a large number of scale ups, while not only preserving but also improving the core European ideals for an open welfare society with justice and equal opportunities to All.” Dimitris Tsingos (Greece), investor. 


“Wonderful experience: a great network of European open minded people.” Gianpaolo Minesi (Italy).


“It was such a pleasure to meet likeminded, passionate people on a mission to promote and support entrepreneurship and leadership in Europe and to work collaboratively to create a better Europe for all of us today and for the next generations of Europeans in the future. #ScaleupEurope #PayItForward.” Gillian Barry (Ireland).