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Berlin, Germany (June 16, 2017) The organization representing the world’s young entrepreneurs today called for the G20 countries to review their educational priorities to ensure young people are properly prepared for the emerging digital world. The G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (YEA) is concerned that youth across the world lack the knowledge and skills vital for new technological and business realities, including digital competencies, STEM education, and venture creation skills. The Alliance issued the call at its annual summit, held this year in Berlin and hosted by the Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland/Junior Chamber International (JCI) Germany.


EU delegation at the Summit


The rapid process of digitalisation requires world governments to enact new policies immediately,” said Carsten Lexa, the newly-appointed Chair of the Steering Committee of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance.  Speaking to 400 of the world’s top young entrepreneurs at the Alliance’s annual summit, Lexa added that, “… digitalization disrupts business all around the world. To ensure growth and job creation, young entrepreneurs need a political framework that supports a transition to new forms of entrepreneurship. We need G20 governments to adopt proactive measures that address the challenges of an interconnected world.”


G20 YEA Leaders after the ceremony of signing the communique. Photo credit: WJD/Jens Schicke
G20 YEA Leaders after the ceremony of signing the communique. Photo credit: WJD/Jens Schicke


Most of the world’s economies lack the policy framework necessary to support a successful transformationto a digital economy and this poses significant challenges to future growth and innovation.In response, the 2017 G20 YEA Summit focused on four digital trends: The Internet of Things, Digital Platforms, Big Data and Augmented/Virtual Reality. The summit was supported by the Alliance’s knowledge partners, Accenture and EY, and sponsors that includedFosun, Hauck&Aufhäuser, Fosun Foundation, and JCI.


We have been working for the past several years with our knowledge partners Accenture and EY to develop a roadmap to help the world deal with this pressing issue,” said Lexa.


In the Alliance’s communiqué, signed today by member organizations from across the G20, the group called for immediate action by the G20 Leaders to alsoenable SMEs to scale through tax incentives for scale-ups and investors by adopting progressive policy measures like a separate tax category for young entrepreneurs working in priority areas of innovation and social entrepreneurship. Thirdly, young entrepreneurs called upon the G20 leaders to establish a G20 Entrepreneur Visa Program to provide short-term multi-entry visas and administrative simplification for young entrepreneurs by 2020.


Przemyslaw Grzywa signing the Berlin communique. Photo credit: WJD/Jens Schicke


“These priorities are particularly relevant for YES for Europe,” said Przemyslaw Grzywa, President 2017 of YES, “We know EU is suffering from defragmentation and Visa program for EU entrepreneurs would support mobility and increase business exchange among member states. We look forward to working with our local governments, European Commission and other partners to address them.”



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The G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA) is the global network of young entrepreneurs and the organizations that support them. The G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance was formed in 2010 in Toronto, Canada to be the voice of the world’s young entrepreneurs and to provide practical solutions for job creation and inclusive growth to G20 governments. The Alliance convenes each year in advance of the G20 Summit, with the aim of championing the importance of young entrepreneurs to the G20 member nations and to share examples and practices.

Read the whole document of  G20 Young Entrepereneurs’ Alliance – Communiqué Berlin 2017 HERE

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