LingvoHelp: see the world through the language!


LingvoHelp is a mobile application enabling blind and visually impaired people to learn foreign languages through online technology thanks to bilingual volunteers tutors. The social innovation project represents a mutual help both to people with disabilities who would like to speak a foreign language and volunteers tutors willing to acquire teaching skills or improve their level in the first foreign language.

According to the recent survey carried out by World Health Organisation (WHO), there are more than 285 million visually impaired people worldwide: 39 million are blind and 246 have low vision. In addition, researchers suggest that the number of blind people across the world is set to triple within the next four decades, and they predict the cases will rise from 36 million to 115 million by 2050. People with disabilities worldwide especially the blind face a very tough challenge related to the lack of free education opportunities to develop their skills, find a decent job and be able to participate in social life.




For these reasons LingvoHelp mobile application was created that would allow disabled people to unleash their potential and provide them with access to innovative, inclusive and equitable education and smart learning in barrier-free environment.

The impact of the project has been recognized by Dr. Esuna Dugarova, Policy Specialist at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and a large number of youth associations and volunteers worldwide.

”I immediately recognized the impact that the LingvoHelp mobile application can have on the well-being of blind people in terms of enhancing their capacity and agency. Furthermore, this project is directly relevant to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 on inclusive education and is related to other goals, including those on promoting economic growth and employment (SDG 8), fostering innovation (SDG 9), and reducing inequalities (SDG 10)”, said Dr. Esuna Dugarova.

Check out LingvoHelp’s prototype and stay tuned for more news! For more information:


YES for Europe is supporting LingvoHelp project.