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Are you interested in developing your business abroad? Or maybe you would like to improve your competences and skills? If the answer is YES, help us to develop a Business English language course of your dreams which will help to achieve your goals!





What is the project about?

World in Words a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The initiative is co-organized by 7 partners from 6 EU countries. Several schools, NGOs, consultants, European Youth Centre, Platform of Pan-European organisations and research centre have come together to develop an innovative online Business English vocabulary tool, targeting youth who wish to fortify their competitive advantage, learn business English as well as promote their entrepreneurial mind-sets and acquire skills and competences that will help them.



YES for Europe representative during World in Words partners’ meeting in Dublin.


Who can participate?

The project targets both students and teachers of Business English that are looking for an efficient, interactive way to teach Business English Vocabulary online. In world@words, youth can learn and enhance their vocabulary skills, according to their level in English, using both/either their mother tongue (Greek, Spanish, Dutch & Bulgarian) or just the English language, either by personally exercising and monitoring their progress or by connecting and interacting with their physical English teachers. They can also entertain themselves, while simultaneously further enhancing their knowledge, with real-time on -line vocabulary gaming.


World in Words organizers during partner’s meeting in Dublin.


What are the benefits?

The organizers have identified a number of advantages of the project implementation

  • enable more people to study and/or work abroad, and improve their job prospects;
  • help people from different cultures understand one another – essential in a multilingual, multicultural Europe;
  • trade effectively across Europe, businesses need multilingual staff and promote entrepreneurial mind-sets to enhance employability prospects of youth, and other groups of youth i.e NEETs, students,
  • the language industry – translation and interpretation, language teaching, language technologies, etc. is among the fastest growing areas of the economy.

Thus, our project will contribute to the improve achievement in basic and transversal competences (entrepreneurship and 2nd language / Business English) in lifelong learning through non-formal education provision.


World in Words organizers during partner’s meeting in Dublin.


How can you contribute?

In order to meet participants’ expectations, we are conducting survey that will help our team to prepare high-quality Business English online course.

We kindly ask you to fill-in a 1-minute-long survey you can find below in English or in your mother language (Greek, Spanish, French & Bulgarian available). By doing it, you become a part of a big project that will foster entrepreneurship around Europe – thank you!