YES at G7 Conference in Italy


YES for Europe has been invited to take part in the G7 – ICT and Industry Multistakeholder Conference that took place in Torino, Italy on September 25, 2017. The event gathered representatives of business, science governmental and non-governmental organizations to discuss the influence of digital transformation on today’s economy and society around the world.


The conference aimed at discussing with representatives and experts of civil society, industry, SMEs, academia, research centres, think tanks etc. the priorities outlined by the Italian Presidency of the G7 and at supporting with proposals the ICT and Industry Ministers who would translate the Leaders’ decisions into concrete actions.




Przemyslaw Grzywa, President of YES for Europe had spoken to the participants and quoted G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance report “Beyond Disruption – policy action to grow digital entrepreneurship” (you can download it here)”:  “Governments need to think about young entrepreneurs as digital-first customers. Digital is not only a key part of our business models, but a powerful force in continuing to strive for growth, despite conventional barriers such as tax and policy risks. The role for governments is in quick, responsive investment in framework policies for digital tools and infrastructure.


Since the early 1980s, no profound analysis of emerging technological changes has been able to predict the speed at which modifications have occurred and are still occurring, or the resulting impact on society and markets. In particular, the digital economy is offering opportunities to spur innovation, increase competitiveness and foster sustainable growth and job creation, provided that pressing policy challenges brought about by the transformation underway are addressed.




Governments have to put in place coherent and comprehensive policy frameworks to enable change, and ensure that the digital economy benefits all, while mitigating the potential disruption that the new technologies can have on the labour market, on society, on the business community and on the public sector itself. Moreover, as the Internet connects everybody, its governance needs to be shared starting from clear, fair, inclusive and transparent principles for the global community and for every single citizen.

More information regarding the G7 – ICT and Industry Multistakeholder Conference you can find here.